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Dominican College


Google Classroom Logon Details:

All students in Dominican College have a username and password to get onto the school computer system. They also have Google based email addresses and a username and password for Google Classroom.

To sign in to Google Classroom, students will need their school email address. This address is the username you normally use to logon to the school computer system, followed by @taylorshill.ie, so if your username for the school computer system is m.smith16, your email address (and username for Google Classroom) will be m.smith16@taylorshill.ie.

Your password for your email account and Google Classroom will be your school system password entered twice, so if your password for the school system is NF12R, your password for your school email and Google Classroom will be NF12RNF12R.

If you have done all the above, and are still unable to log in to Google Classroom, please email office@taylorshill.ie.

Google Classroom Overview for Students: