Le Chiele Trust

Dominican College


LCVP Start of Year Introduction

The primary goal of the LCVP is to prepare young people for adult life by ensuring that they are educated in the
broadest sense, with an ability to cope and thrive in an environment of rapid change. Participants in the programme
are encouraged to develop skills and competencies fundamental to both academic and vocational success.

The LCVP course is broken up into 2 parts: 400marks
1. The Portfolio 240 marks 60%
 Curriculum Vitae 25 marks
 Action Plan 35 marks
 Career Investigation 40 marks
 Summary Report 40 marks
 Work Experience Diary 50 marks
 Recorded Interview 50 marks

2. The Written Paper 160 marks 40%
 Part A- The Audio Visual* 30 marks 30 mins
 Part B- Case Study** 30 marks 25 mins
 Part C- Long Questions 4/7 must be answered in full|*** 100 marks 23mins each
* This section lasts 30 minutes and is based on a short video. The content of the video reflects
a variety of themes drawn from the various vocational aspects of the course and from the Link Modules.

** The school will receive the Case Study 6weeks before your exam.

*** The long questions will be based on all material covered in class during the course of the
next 2 years. It will also be linked to your portfolio and the different activities you
participated in over 2 years.

o Enterprise
o Work Experience
o Career investigation
o Preparing for the world of work
o Visit In/ Out
o Volunteering
o Committees, meetings and agendas
o Mini companies
o Planning
o Teamwork
o Health and safety & Work Place Regulation
o Conditions within the world of work
o Planning/Organising Activities
o Key skills of LCVP

The Grades for LCVP are as follows:

 Distinction: 80-100% 66 points
 Merit: 65-79% 46 points
 Pass: 50-64% 28 points
 Unsuccessful anything less than 50% 0 points