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Dominican College

Dealing with Bullying

Bullying is defined as the "repeated aggression - verbal, psychological or physical - conducted by an individual or a group against another or others."

As we have seen recently, this behaviour can have tragic effects on children's lives. We can all - teachers, parents and students - make schools safer by challenging the misconception that bullying is in some way a part of growing up.

We in Dominican College are fortunate in having a low incidence of bullying, but when it does occur it is important that we deal with it effectively to ensure that such behaviour ends and the victim of the bullying behaviour is supported.

The college has a strong policy in relation to bullying - it will not be tolerated. Each child has a right to an education free from fear and intimidation and we strive to protect that right.

We work proactively to ensure as much as possible, bullying does not take place. Bullying can be prevented by raising awareness of all in the school community about the reality of bullying and its detrimental effects and reports of bullying behaviour are taken seriously and dealt with immediately by staff.

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Tips For Parents
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