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Dominican College


Programmes and subjects available

The curriculum offered in Dominican College is designed to give each student the opportunity to realise her full potential and to develop her interests and talents. Students follow a broad range of subjects and are given a wide variety of learning experiences.

Dominican College follows the curriculum set down by the Department of Education & Skills which may be amended from time to time in accordance with the Education Acts 1998 & 2000.

Junior Cycle - Three Year Programme

The subjects taken by students in Junior Cycle include: English / Irish / Maths / French or German / Geography / History / Science / Business Studies / Art, Craft & Design / Home Economics / Music / Religion / ICT / PE / CSPE / SPHE / Choir / Career Guidance

Senior Cycle - Two Year Programme

Core Curriculum Subjects: English / Irish / Maths / French or German / Religion / PE / Career Guidance

Optional Subjects: Accounting / Art / Biology / Business Studies / Chemistry / Computer Science / Geography / History / Home Economics / Music / Physics

Leaving Cert Vocational Programme

This is an enhanced programme offered alongside the traditional Leaving Cert. Students are selected on the basis of their subject choices at senior cycle. They study two modules over the two years: Enterprise Education and Preparation for the World of Work. Students then take an extra exam at the end of 6th Year with the possibility of achieving a further 70 points.

Transition Year

This programme is taken by students after completing their Junior Cert. The structure and delivery of the course differs from that at Junior and Leaving Cert. The focus of the year is on providing the students with a wider educational experience with a balance between academic and practical studies.

Special Educational Needs

We are particularly proud of the support which we give to students with special educational needs at both ends of the spectrum - gifted students and students with learning difficulties. This support operates on a number of levels. Each class teacher takes into account the needs of each individual student and provides differentiation to both challenge and support students. We also have dedicated learning support teachers who provide designated students with one-to-one or small group support to help enhance their learning.